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Lesson Planning Time

I should be figuring out what I’m going to do in my lessons tomorrow but I’m feeling distinctly lacking in inspiration. I love the kids, I’m just trying to work out how best to help them. I have Jack, the … Continue reading

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Easy, Do-able, Impossible

Why, sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast I’d thought this was a Douglas Adams quote until I Googled it and found a whole discussion on it from 1999 (yes, they had computers back then). I’m … Continue reading

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More than Jam and Jerusalem

Tonight I watched a BBC 4 documentary about the Women’s Institute. I started watching because I thought it might be an historical program. After all, the WI is really a club for the blue rinse brigade, isn’t it? In Australia … Continue reading

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Last Day, First Day

Today is the last day of my job. I still get paid until the end of August, but the goodbyes have been said and the promises to stay in touch made. I’ve really loved the time I spent at school. … Continue reading

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Fear and Talking Smart

I’m thinking about the whole Smart Talkers thing again. I was talking about it with some mums at a party on Sunday and one, whose daughter is undergoing speech therapy, said there would be a huge demand for such a … Continue reading

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The Icebreaker

An Icebreaker should tell your audience something about yourself, let them get to know you a little. In my first speech at my public speaking club I talked for 7-and-a-half minutes (when I should have only spoken for 6) about … Continue reading

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