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Moving On

This week was a week of endings. My youngest two children finished school and so far haven’t driven each other mad. In September they will both be starting at a new school, Naomi in Reception and Keiran in Year 3. … Continue reading

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An open letter to all parents from a non-parent.

Originally posted on trying to be good:
I just finished babysitting your baby today. I have salmon stuck on my neck and in the crease under my left breast. My eardrum is damaged due to high frequency screaming. I had…

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My Year

I have been thinking about my year, as my participation in BBC Surrey’s 100 Lives series has encouraged me to do, and here’s a brief summary of it. I think maybe I have some clones running around somewhere, because one … Continue reading

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London Calling…

If you were to look up the definition of insane in the dictionary, you wouldn’t find the following, but it really should be there. Insane is going to Hamleys in Regent Street followed by the Rainforest Cafe on the last … Continue reading

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What a month…

Over a month since I last posted… such a lot’s been going on I guess. Today’s Keiran’s 7th birthday, the kids and my mum are watching The Aristocats and their dad is upstairs with the eldest, talking I suppose. I’m … Continue reading

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Bonfire Night – Once in a lifetime experience

Miss 13 wanted to meet her friends at Brockham Bonfire last night so I came up with a brilliant idea – why don’t we all go? Miss 13 can go off with her friends and the rest of us can … Continue reading

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Bonfire Night

The 5th of November is here again, and once again I’m wondering why any idiot can buy a lethal weapon from a supermarket and let it off practically in my backyard. Guy Fawkes is one of those English ‘celebrations’ I … Continue reading

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You have no idea how hard it is to be a child growing up today

I really enjoyed this blog post I came across today, so I thought I’d share it with you. I’ve copied the first bit of the article to give you a taster and pasted the link to the article at the … Continue reading

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Mother’s Guilt

There’s a really great free magazine for parents that circulates bimonthly in my area. It is, as the tagline says, a really useful magazine for families with children aged 0-12. The most recent edition had an article in it that … Continue reading

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The Measure of a Woman

Sometimes tweets really grab you. Let me explain. This morning my partner woke me at 6am (not as bad as it sounds, I always go back to sleep after he leaves for work) and I remember in that half-asleep dreamy … Continue reading

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