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Best Present Ever!

I turned 44 this year. It was pretty uneventful, but I received the most brilliant present EVER. My eldest daughter Catherine loves art and creating lovely things. This year she made me a jar with “44 things that make you … Continue reading

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It’s been a while..

It feels like coming home. There’s a bit of dust everywhere, but the sunshine streaming through the windows looks so beautiful. I’m not sure whether I need to redecorate this space, first I’ll give it a dust and a vacuum, … Continue reading

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A sister goddess shared a photo on Facebook today. A mundane thing, we do it all the time without a thought. I’ve seen probably hundreds of such photos, briefly thought about how great they were then promptly forgot about them. … Continue reading

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Being December the 31st it’s time for reflections on the year that’s been, time to clear out the old and make room for the new. I set myself some goals at the start of the year with very mixed feelings … Continue reading

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Now that’s passion! A lesson in how to deal with rejection while never letting go of the passion that drives you. Love it, Emilia!

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Divine Passion

This month’s card just makes me want to leap around my house with the joy and abandonment of a child. I feel compelled to shout about it, do a little dance, run around in happy circles yelling ‘squeeeeeeee!!!!’ Pele: divine … Continue reading

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Blossoming and Creativity

Blossoming was my card for October and it was certainly an interesting month. I have generally avoided talking to people about my journey, other than this blog of course and thanks to bad experiences in the past I have avoided … Continue reading

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“If I’m doing it, it must be sacred.”

When Sue Kearney agreed to guest blog for me I was elated! I love her blog so much and I was so excited when her article hit my inbox. And what a timely subject! I’ve found it really hard to … Continue reading

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Redefining Abundance

This month’s Goddess Oracle card is Abundantia, prosperity. Now, I’ll be honest and confess when I drew this card at the beginning of the year, and looked at it in the context of all that went before and where I … Continue reading

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Think before you write…

I received a letter the other day, from my dad who lives in Australia. We’ve had a rather troubled relationship for a long time and I’m sad to say it’s reached a new low. After receiving his letter I just … Continue reading

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