It’s been a while..

It feels like coming home. There’s a bit of dust everywhere, but the sunshine streaming through the windows looks so beautiful. I’m not sure whether I need to redecorate this space, first I’ll give it a dust and a vacuum, light some incense and give it time…

2013 has been an amazing year, so many ups and downs. It started off pretty badly when I managed to piss off my dad and we haven’t communicated all year. I still feel sad about that but at the right time it will get better. I’ve been horribly short of money, then money came in time for the summer holidays. I passed the baton of Area Governor to an energetic and caring woman and was voted Division Governor in May. I’ve spent a lot of the year travelling around the division, meeting the amazing toastmasters that make this division so successful. I confess this space has been neglected in favour of my Division blog.

I have educated myself this year. I did a Reiki 2 course with the Reiki Academy London, not to become a reiki practioner (although I can now) but to go deeper into the philosophy of reiki. I have found the Five Principles to be a really helpful centering tool, a way to calm my mind and not be overwhelmed by the stresses and difficulties that arise. I’ve also been able to use what I’ve learned to help a student of mine, and that alone was worth the time.

I’ve also completed a Discovery course at the Goddess Temple in Glastonbury. I’ve learned a lot about Goddess and I’m now on a beautiful journey. I trust my intuition a lot more now and I’m enjoying doing things that feel right and leaving things that don’t. The main challenge for me is putting my focus on what I want, the things that make me happy and the wonderful things there are in the world. I have spent a lifetime freaking about all the bad stuff and the hard stuff and it just doesn’t get me anywhere.

I have been a member of the Amazing Biz & Life Academy for three years but it’s only now I’m starting to dig into the richness of information and support that’s available in that amazing circle. I have started meditating twice daily and already finding it’s making a huge difference to my outlook and state of mind. I have decided I’m serious about wanting a successful business so I’m getting educated about business. I am reading a couple of business books recommended by Leonie Dawson and another book I bought for the title – The Wealthy Woman – Because a Man is NOT a Financial Plan. I realised with a jolt that I was waiting for a man to look after me in the financial sense and I’m not going to get it. Well, I might, and to be fair my ex is so wonderful and generous, but I need to be doing something for myself. It’s really hard, mainly because I am changing my attitude to myself and my ability to succeed.

2013 has been a year of considerable change. 2014 is going to be even more amazing and I will be using this space to chart what I’m doing and to share my progress. I am an affiliate for the Biz & Life Academy, so I’m going to share about how the Academy is helping me and share links to the workshops and meditations that I’m using and that make a difference to me. If you decide you’d like to buy something, you’d be really helping me out if you purchase via my links.

Right, I’m off to the loft now, I’m going to fill my car with junk that’s going to the tip.

Bright blessings, everyone!

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