TodayA sister goddess shared a photo on Facebook today. A mundane thing, we do it all the time without a thought. I’ve seen probably hundreds of such photos, briefly thought about how great they were then promptly forgot about them. This one was different. This is the picture I have been searching for these past five months since I last posted. This is the one that landed between my eyes and smothered my heart.

I’ve felt for some time that I needed to start a daily meditation practice and today was my first day. Today I spent five minutes asking the question: what does my soul need me to know? Only five minutes, because the answer was short and sweet: you can choose your thoughts.

Then I saw the picture above, I copied it down onto a sheet of paper, stuck it onto my wall and meditated. I’ve literally just finished and I wanted to share my meditation with you.

I lit some of my favourite incence, selected a couple of green crystals to stimulate my heart chakra, stuck them in my bra (cold!), sat cross-legged on my bed and closed my eyes. I concentrated on my breathing, in and out for the slow count of eight. Then I focussed on my heart chakra. I imagined it glowing gently like an ember, but green, like the kryptonite in Superman. I imagined the glow got bigger until it covered my whole body and settled like a blanket around me.

Suddenly, I was in a grove of ferns. It was cool and dim, but felt safe and comfortable. I turned and saw a door in the trees. It was a very heavy wooden door with large iron straps across it and a big, heavy ring you turn to lift the latch. This door was really solid. I reached out and my hands were my five-year-old hands. I gripped the ring and tried to pull the door closed. It took a lot of effort, my hands were little and I had to put my whole body weight into it, but eventually the door started to swing to. This was the door to my past. As it moved I reminded myself that I could open it again any time I wanted to, the door wasn’t locked. When the door finally closed, the sound reverberated through the fern grove and I jiggled the ring a bit to make sure it was properly closed.

Then I turned and saw a clear glass sliding door. Through it I could see a beach, the home I want to live in, the work I want to be doing, the relationships I want to have. No specifics, just a knowing that that’s what I was looking at. I reached out towards the door. This time the hand was my adult hand and the door slid to one side with ease. I took a deep breath and stepped through. I felt the sunshine on my face and took a few more deep breaths, taking a moment to absorb the feeling. I opened my eyes and smiled.

I want to remember this. I want to do that meditation every day. Thank you for reading. I appreciate you sharing this with me.

Love and light xx

PS: This is a link to the wonderful woman who share the picture, thanks Maryann! 🙂

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