2012-11-07 20.56.19Being December the 31st it’s time for reflections on the year that’s been, time to clear out the old and make room for the new.

I set myself some goals at the start of the year with very mixed feelings and I am very pleased to find myself feeling quite proud of what I’ve achieved this year. I attended a Leadership event this year and while chatting to a recruitment consultant there I learned something I have really taken to heart. She said that if you give a man a list of attributes required for a job, he will look at what he can do and decide he can fudge through the points he doesn’t yet have. A woman will look at the list and disqualify herself from the job if she feels she lacks one or two attributes, irrespective of the fact she has the vast majority of the skills needed to do the job. I resolved then to try much harder to focus on what skills I have, what goals I have reached and to allow myself more kindness when I don’t quite make it.

So, here’s my review of my 2012 goals.

I will have paid public speaking engagements. – I have a Womens’ Institute speech booked in January. I will get a lunch and maybe a bottle of wine. Not quite a paid engagement, but you’ve got to start somewhere. WI engagements are notoriously hard to get. You’re supposed to have an audition in front of a panel and I didn’t have to do that at all. I’m so grateful!

I will acheive my Advanced Communicator Bronze and Advanced Leader Bronze awards in Toastmasters. – Done and done! I’ve just about completed my Advanced Leader Silver too!

I will set up an advanced speakers club in the Guildford area. – Working on it. I have found a venue, there are a number of other toastmasters who are interested. I will have this done by March or April 2013 I think.

I will develop my leadership skills. – Definitely done this! It’s been an awesome year as chairman of Guildford Harmony and I have loved the fun and challenges of my first 6 months as Area Governor of Area 14, Division H, District 71, Toastmasters International. The process is an ongoing one and I’m loving it.

Guildford Harmony will achieve an improved placing at the national competition in October. – We improved out score but our placing didn’t improve. As it turns out, the score is more important than the placing anyway. I am sooooo proud of my ladies!

I will lose 20kgs. – Fail. There’s always next year!

I will have 6 Smart Talkers groups running in Woking and a plan in place for expanding to Guildford and further afield in 2013. – Fail. It’s been so hard to overcome my fears this year and I’m still working on it. I feel more positive now than I did at the start of the year so hopefully 2013 will see Smart Talkers really take off.

I will visit my friend Josepha in Munich. – Fail.

I will go to Australia in November. – Fail.

I will feel in control of my finances. – Fail. Money is such a stress for me, I wonder if I will ever feel in control of it all..

I will appreciate more and be grateful for it all. – Mixed. I have definitely appreciated more, been grateful for more, but certainly not grateful for it all.

So that’s it for my goals for this year, quite a mixed bag! There are two other things I achieved this year which I am very proud of. I swam 5km for Marie Curie Cancer Care in April and I did a Reiki Level 1 course. Next year I would like to do the level 2 course and have a belly dancing lesson. This year I had a pole dancing lesson and I loved it, so maybe I will do more of that too. I have also discovered meditation and learned a little about many ancient Goddesses worshipped around the world. I have loved taking time to focus on a particular aspect of life each month in this blog. It’s made me think carefully about what matters, where I want to put my attention, what I want to invite into my life and what needs to be left behind. I know this is an ongoing process, not an instant thing, and I embrace that continuing journey in the New Year.2012-12-22 10.01.18

The thing I am most grateful for this year is the number of people who have liked, commented and followed my blog. I am humbled that you have taken the time to read my posts and awestruck that sometimes what I have written has made a difference, however small.

Happy New Year to you all, may Peace, Love and Light infuse every part of your life.

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