Divine Passion

This month’s card just makes me want to leap around my house with the joy and abandonment of a child. I feel compelled to shout about it, do a little dance, run around in happy circles yelling ‘squeeeeeeee!!!!’

Pele: divine passion.Image

This goddess is possibly my favourite. She is a Polynesian goddess who resonates with me because my grandfather was part Maori and I feel quite proud of that background. I plan to do some work with her in the New Year, read her story and make a picture or some sort of creative project with her. She has a very special message which is challenging, scary and so wonderfully exciting.

Be honest with yourself. What is your heart’s true desire?

The heart and the breath – two rhythms integral to our survival on the physical level, yet when do we ever take the time to listen to them? The incessant drumming of the heart, the fire that pumps the water that is our blood, the air that is our breath, sustaining our earthen bodies, connecting us all to the Great Mother Earth. We occupy ourselves with the busy-ness of daily life and move further away from the sustaining energy that is all around us, the rhythms of our bodies and our surroundings.

I’ve spent too long being asleep, ignoring my dreams and deepest longings to the point where I felt lost and unknown. Pele reminds me that my dreams are as much a part of me as the beating of my heart, the breath in my lungs, the family I adore, the blue skies and moonshine that delight me. I can no longer ignore them. It’s time to listen to my dreams, to allow them to activate the passion that is within me. That passion will propel me forward towards a wonderful future full of excitement and fulfilment.

This month I’m going to fully immerse myself in my blissful work. I’m giving myself permission to be fully engaged. I’m not going to be afraid to take actions that will manifest my dreams.

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3 Responses to Divine Passion

  1. genxgemini says:

    Very inspiring! Yes, yes, yes!

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