Blossoming and Creativity

Blossoming was my card for October and it was certainly an interesting month. I have generally avoided talking to people about my journey, other than this blog of course and thanks to bad experiences in the past I have avoided counselling or coaching of any description.

Events conspired last month and now I am in a subtly different place, which I think is a good thing but it’s been a bit painful, as usual!

In June/July time I was talked into joining a women’s networking group called WIBN. I love it now, but I felt cajoled into joining. Networking seemed to me to be a nice jolly, have a meal, chat with some interesting people, but frankly there were better things I could be spending my money on. At my local group there’s a coach/therapist and one meeting I opened up about how I felt blocked in my business, how I struggle with the confidence that what I’m offering is actually worth something, that I’M worth something. The coach was offering a free hour-long session and I took her up on it. Now I’m getting some coaching and help re-writing my program, like Sue was talking about earlier in the month. The process has been a bit like putting a dislocated joint back into place. Necessary for the overall health of the body but bloody painful. I still catch myself doing a shitload of negative self-talk, but at least I recognise it now so I can do something about it.

November’s card is Sarasvati, all about expressing yourself through creative activities. I never thought of myself as particularly creative and said so at the beginning of the year when I pulled the card. Now I see my singing and speaking as very creative activities but I find I need to work on being creative in my business life too. As I write I’m printing the 2013 Create your Incredible Year Workbook and Planner (Life and Business editions) and I plan to be more focussed in writing and working through the plan as the year progresses. I’m considering blogging about my progress next year as a way of maintaining discipline.

One big thing I’m changing as of right now. I dare to dream. I’m going to write down what I want, no matter how insane, daring or unlikely it might seem right now. There are plenty of things that happen to plenty of people which, if they’d thought about the possibility, would have thought it could never happen. If crazy, wonderful shit can happen to other people, then surely it can happen to me.

Oh, and I’m going on a personal development workshop next weekend. Crazy but true. Should be fun!

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