Meteoric Musings

Today has been a perfect day. It’s been a perfect weekend. Yesterday I had a party for my 42nd birthday. I put Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy on to initiate the few who had no idea why I was in my pyjamas and the rest of us sat outside in the sunshine and chatted for hours. Everyone brought a plate of food to share and a few friends I haven’t seen in months popped by as well. At about 2.30am Doug and I drove up to Newlands Corner to see the Perseid meteor shower. It was freezing and Doug cuddled me as we observed some wonderful trails as fragments of ice no bigger than a pea ignited themselves on the edge of the atmosphere. After a languid sleep-in a friend visited for a couple of hours then we spent the remainder of the day reading in the sun and eating nachos.

I’ve had an excellent birthday month so far. The focus has been on self-care, appreciating my body and discovering a new way to think about myself. I suppose the whole year has been about that last point, but this month particularly so. The end of last month was so difficult, but Kas’ idea of listing the things I like about myself has been a real impetus to improve my self-image. I have also decided to send some self-made cards to people whose presence in my life I truly appreciate. I think it’s about time people know how much I value them and the process of making a list of the wonderful people I know, creating and sending the cards has been a tangible way for me to appreciate the great things in my life.

In spite of my worries about money, I made it to the end of the month with food in the fridge and fuel in the car. My mum sent me birthday money and I’ve been able to use it to treat myself. Great shoes, great books and lovely smelly things from the Body Shop are just the start. I intend to treat myself to a massage and a session with a hypnotherapist this month. Perhaps the abundance ritual has manifested its effects, just not as immediately as I might have hoped, nor in the way I was expecting.

The Perseids are like that. I know they’re coming, the planet passes through the debris of the comet Swift-Tuttle every year at this time. I can look up into the night sky in the general direction I expect to see them. They’re called the Perseids because they appear to radiate from the constellation of Perseus. I know what to look for but when the meteors show themselves, they do so entirely unexpectedly. They are invariably not where I’m looking and are certainly more beautiful than I imagined them to be. In fact, by the time I’ve seen them, the meteors have disintegrated and all that’s physically left of them is the trail burned for a microsecond onto my retina. The best bit is, as long as I can appreciate the infinite beauty in that brief glimpse their splendour is eternal.

Abundance is the same. It’s never where you think it is, it never looks like what you think it will look like and it lasts forever if you appreciate i

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2 Responses to Meteoric Musings

  1. Thanks, Vanessa, for your determination. You inspire me (and thanks for your comment on the Heart of Business blog!).

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