Moving On

Keiran’s first day of school at Horsell Village

This week was a week of endings. My youngest two children finished school and so far haven’t driven each other mad. In September they will both be starting at a new school, Naomi in Reception and Keiran in Year 3. There were Leavers’ Balls and Concerts and Parties to juggle and lots of goodbyes. I gave the thank-you speech to the teachers at Keiran’s school because I was the only one who wasn’t blubbing! I don’t get very teary at these sorts of things. I’m emotional, so proud beyond measure, but I’m not sad. I am excited to see my children reach their milestones, I take great delight in their growth and development. So here are some photos, beginnings and endings.

Keiran’s first day of school, warm and sunny! He didn’t want me to take a photo, because the sun was in his eyes. Fair enough too!

I like to think that Keiran was feeling quite proud on his last day of school. The night before he was feeling pretty down, but I think that might just have been that he’d had to go to the orthodontists and he was convinced everyone was having a better time than him. He was probably right, but I wan’t going to say anything! His teachers have been fabulous throughout his time at Horsell Village, even if I could never remember all their names…

Keiran looked so smart going to his Leavers’ Ball. He got really sulky about having to wear a vest but he cheered up when a few of his friends also were wearing vests. I just think he looks completely adorable!

Peter was able to take the morning off to be with Naomi on her first day of pre-school. Right from the beginning she loved it and would always race in, a quick hug and a kiss and off like lightning. It was a wonderful start for both her and Keiran.

It was sad to say goodbye to all the ladies at Mayford, lots of happy memories there.

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