Leap of Faith

I started writing this post at the start of the month, as I should, but sometimes the start of the month isn’t the right time to introduce a thought or a theme, so the post got parked for a bit. Now I have some alone time, let’s see what happens *rubbing hands together, fingers to the keyboard*

Most of my posts happen intuitively. I usually start with and idea, but the actual words that end up on the page come from somewhere else. I like that. Sometimes it’s a bit weird to read my old posts because it seems like someone else has written them, but I’m also pleased because those are the posts that seem to hold some truth for someone. Some might say I’m ‘channelling’ or something. I don’t really care about labels. I just do what feels right. That’s all my journey has ever been about.

This month’s card is Aine (pronounced AWN-ya. She’s Celtic. ‘Nuff said.) Her message to me is very simple but full of power:

Leap of Faith: Take a risk, put your heart’s true desire into action!

So here’s my first Leap of Faith:

The cards are more than just themes. They are the Goddess Herself, guiding me along the road. Even as I write I feel a bit dizzy with it. It seems very big, but very personal at the same time, because the Goddess is really just me, different aspects of myself. The Goddess is in all of us, whether male or female and She manifests according to our need.

I have other Leaps to make as well.

The Leap that I am already wealthy, that I have everything I want right now.

The Leap that I Am Enough, even in my anger and doubt.

The Leap to Embracing My Brilliance, that I am being everything I am capable of being (although this one is a bit hard, for some reason I find it a bit scary).

The Leap of taking responsibility for everything, not just the stuff I want to take responsibility for. Read that again. It really does make sense.

The Leap into the power of my intution, fully utilised and expressed.

The links above are all to Goddess Circle bloggers who have been sharing so much wisdom that’s made a difference to me. Some of it I understand right now, some of it I’m still working on, but all of it is part of the Goddess Path.

Blessings to you xx

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8 Responses to Leap of Faith

  1. yiyezhang says:

    Dearest Vanessa! thank you so much for sharing your beautiful journey with us!
    Catherine, Keiran and Naomi all look sooooo adorable…
    And I really look forward to hearing about you turning this blog into a book!
    With all my love

  2. Arwen says:

    Thanks for the link and this is an excellent reminder for me!

  3. Peter says:

    Thankyou for posting this Vanessa. As I read it, your interpretation of the card struck a strong chord with me as well. I write in a similar way to you; I see what inspiration hits me and then the fingers hit the keyboard, sometimes dealing me the odd surprise in what they have to say!

    For so long (years!), I have been planning to write a book, and never getting around to it. I’ve always been able to find an excuse for inaction. Lately though, a whole series of ideas, both in my writing, and also in other peoples, seems to be firmly giving me a kick to get going. Your beautiful piece that I’ve read today, is the final card.

    Time to start writing.

    Thank you

    • Vanessa King says:

      Peter, I’m filled with excitement as I read your comment! Thank you so much for taking the time to comment, and I hope you’ll share your writing soon. It’s so scary to take that step, but we’re doing it together! Love and light to you x

  4. I just ordered this deck! Absolutely gorgeous card and a reminder we all need. Thanks so much for the linkback, too.

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