Northern Sights…

Finally got a chance to go for a bit of a drive last weekend. I had a whole heap of questions that needed answering before I could make real moves with Smart Talkers, so I decided to combine the trip with a visit to some places I’ve been wanting to see for a while.

We started off early on Sunday morning (well, 8.40 is pretty early on a Sunday!) and made it to the Angel of the North by lunchtime. Angel of the NorthIt really is a massive thing, ugly and unangelic but impressive and awesome at the same time. The foundations go deep into the mineshaft it sits on, necessary because the wings are as big as a jumbo jet’s and that’s a lot of sail area when the wind blows! A few people have left flowers and cards in front of saplings that grow around the area, I don’t know why, perhaps in memory of miners? It was very windy and cold, but there was still an ice-cream van in the carpark and crazy English people eating it… Angel 2

After a Sunday roast in a nearby pub (pork for me, beef for Doug, yummy roast potatoes but Yorkshire puds were a bit burnt..) we hit the road again and headed over to the Humber Bridge. Now this is another very impressive engineering achievement. Seriously, the Brits know how to build some cool-looking stuff! There are some pretty ugly places too, it has to be said – we drove through Coventry just to takAt the Humber Bridgee a look and sad to say it’s pretty bleak. You can’t really expect much from a place that was bombed to non-existence. I’ve seen the same in Japan. However, back to the Humber, that was fabulous. We stopped just long enough for some photos, a quick wee (the man, not me!) and some chocolate (the Me and my manman again…)

It was already getting late, time to head off to our bed for the night, a lovely little place I’ve heard of…


I really liked what they’ve done with the place…


The Melbourne Arms was a lovely place, very friendly owners and we had a fantastic Indian meal…


Then upstairs… hotel room… no kids…

*sigh* The Masters was much more interesting than me 😉

Next morning we headed for Uttoxeter for my meeting for Smart Talkers. I’m feeling better about all that now, I feel more equipped for it all. I’ve made a start on my first email to preschools and nurseries offering a taster session, but I still feel quite anxious about the whole thing. It’s all uncharted territory for me, but The Man has done it before so I’ve got plenty of help. 715 miles later, back in Woking and it’s been a good break. Time to throw myself into Smart Talkers!

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4 Responses to Northern Sights…

  1. Roslyn says:

    Really liked this post Vanessa, glad to know its all steaming ahead

  2. i like your photo mother
    introduce my name is ardiansyah i have list 100 of dreams i from Indonesian 🙂

    • Vanessa King says:

      Thanks for visiting my blog, Ardiansyah, and for taking the time to comment. I like that you have a list of dreams, now’s the time to make them come true!

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