Divine Passion

My last two posts were about the necessity of change and understanding that we are always supplied with our everyday needs, so there’s no need to fear change. Where might embracing change in the comfort of infinite supply take me?

Here’s a thought; if you accept change as part of the order of the universe and you do it safe in the knowledge that your needs will be taken care of, you are free to follow your passion. You’re free to follow your heart’s true desires.

I have thought that it’s a scary thing to do. If I were to be completely honest with myself and ask myself what my heart’s true desire is, I might open myself up to disappointment (that old chestnut!). If I articulate the things I really want I might sound selfish, childish or naïve. I’m held back by my fear of what other people might think of me. Truly though, who cares what other people think about my real passions. I acknowledge that feeling and allow it to exist. Now I’m free to manifest my passion.

What if I ask myself what my heart’s true desire is and there’s nothing there? Could I really have buried myself for so long beneath what other people want that I’ve lost what I care about? Maybe it’s time to stop asking unanswerable questions and just get on with it. After all, my own dreams are just as deserving of the love and attention I give to everyone and everything I love.

I give myself permission to dream, permission to go for it. Change is a fire that purifies, refines, and releases us from the old to make way for the new. I want to embrace the fire; I want to be charged up with excitement and motivation. I want to feel everything on a deeper level and be unafraid of taking the actions that will manifest my heart’s true desire.

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