Infinite Supply

Yesterday I was banging on about the fear and necessity of change. If I could distil the fear into one word, it would probably be Lack. We fear losing what we have. It’s hard to imagine that change could bring abundance because that means taking a risk, the risk of changing our mind-set. I think this change is probably the hardest one to undertake because we fear Lack. A lack of respect because maybe we have to admit our thinking was wrong. The self-critic in all of us awakens and says “you’re mind-set sucks, see you know it does because you think you have to change it!” And we (well, I) think I’m rubbish as a result. However, while I don’t think we can ever truly silence the self-critic in all of us, we can temper its strident shriek to a whisper by reframing the change. It need not be about what your mind-set lacks but more about what further abundance you could bring into your life by changing it. It’s not about improving it, just seeing things from a different perspective.

Allow me to share with you my perspective, as it has been until quite recently. It could be distilled into one word. Lack. And I beat myself up about that because I know that compared to 1 billion other people I’m incredibly wealthy. I have a full cupboard. I have running water and sanitation. My children are happy and well-educated. We all have decent clothes to wear and we don’t live in a country tearing itself apart through war or oppression. All that doesn’t stop me from feeling my life is less than abundant when my son complains about his sister’s snoring because they have to share a room, or my daughter hasn’t got anywhere to hang her clothes, nor a desk to study at because her room is so tiny they wouldn’t fit. This is how I feel right now, and this, dear reader, is where I want to spend more time:

Don’t worry about the future. Know that you’ll always have enough to eat and that your needs will be provided for. You are supplied for today and all of your tomorrows.

I can do this by focussing on the positive and not allowing myself to think negative thoughts, which brings me back to my theme for February. Be Strong. I am stronger than I think I am (and so are you) and my strength (and yours) assures a happy outcome.

Wow, that’s turning into a rather unexpected mantra. Who knew I was such a hippy at heart *lol*

Peace, man 😉

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