And So It Begins….

My theme for the month of February is Be Strong. Strong in the sense of not thinkging negative thoughts and not underestimating myself. I registered for the Swimathon and am still a bit surprised at myself. Today I recorded a video for my fundraiser page, tweeted and facebooked about it then went off to the pool for my first proper training session. I walked 3.5km (yes, I got my heart rate up to 150ish for 20 minutes, proper cardio workout!), did some light weights and swam 1000m. I did the 1000m in 30 minutes so I’ve got a fair way to go to knock that time down to less than 1.5 hours. Quite a long way actually, but I think I can do it. It’s funny, two weeks ago I posted on Facebook about hating the gym, it was a *very* bad day. Today I still don’t like the gym much but having a goal made it a lot easier to do. I like swimming though, that’s great, no skinny women with tidy, unjiggly bottoms to make me feel bad about myself *lol*

If nothing else I should achieve my New Year’s goal for my body by the end of April of losing 20kg. I probably realistically only need to lose about 13-15kg, I weigh 80kg now and 65-67kg is healthy for my height. I feel really great about being on track for that now.

I saw a quote today from a writer called Bob Burg. He said “acknowledge the problem but live in the solution” and it occurred to me that I have spent a lot of time acknowledging the problem. So long in fact that the problem is all I’ve been able to see. If I can spend less time acknowledging the problem and more time living in the solution the problem will never get so big that it’s all I can see. Now the problems are still there, but living in the solutions seems a much better way to spend my time. They even make the gym seem fun!

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11 Responses to And So It Begins….

  1. nenskei says:

    Be strong Vanessa πŸ˜€

  2. Vanessa King says:

    Oh, I didn’t realise the tags did that, I only thought it made it easier for people to search my own blog on particular topics, didn’t realise it was everyone’s! WordPress is very cool πŸ™‚

  3. Bob Burg says:

    VERY nice post; inspiring and very solution-oriented! πŸ˜‰

    • Vanessa King says:

      Thanks Bob. I’ve been doing a lot of reading and thinking, I wasn’t always so solution-oriented. I would often say it’s all fine to look for solutions but the problem is still there, and I would get really negative. Your words reached me at just the right time, so thank you x

  4. I think I want to adopt this theme. Very thought provoking and inspiring. πŸ™‚

    • Vanessa King says:

      Wow, thank you! Please let me know what you write, I would love to read it. I have twelve themes this year, one for each month. Last month was Quiet Time which I used to gather myself, spend time doing what I wanted to do and allowing myself to think whatever thoughts came along, big or small. I’m planning to share my experiences of my themes in my blog. It’s looking like and exciting year!

      • I’m new to me (since Friday) but started because my partner moved abroad. I’m blogging really to document my feelings and because I think it’s more constructive and focussed to write these things down. A way for me to deal with the distance. My grandmother also dies this month, so “Be strong” seems to be really relevant to me at the moment. I can’t wait to read more πŸ™‚

  5. Vanessa King says:

    Sounds like you have a year of challenges ahead of you, ladyartichoke (flipping brilliant name, by the way!). When I started blogging regularly it was a bit like a diary, a bit cathartic and really helpful for sorting through my feelings. I wish you a year blessed with challenges and opportunities xx

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