My Year

I have been thinking about my year, as my participation in BBC Surrey’s 100 Lives series has encouraged me to do, and here’s a brief summary of it. I think maybe I have some clones running around somewhere, because one person can’t possibly have done all of this, can they??

This year I:

Got divorced, lost my job, moved house, sold my car, developed depression, did a wedding where I met the former Archbishop of Canterbury, Lord Carey and  raised money for Croydon riots.

I got more disciplined about blogging, put on lots of weight, did a wedding for 500 people, started a new business but not the one I expected to and competed at national level in ladies barbershop singing.

I became president of one club and chairman of another, taught a boy how to tell the time, built up the self-confidence of a girl and then had to refer her to child protection because her father was hurting her.

I taught another girl about angles of depression and elevation on the same day I was pulled over by the police for having an illegal tint on my windows, learned a little about leadership and became more active on Twitter.

I gained some good free publicity for my toastmaster business, including a couple of fantastic videos about what I do and a mention in a magazine with a circulation of 20,000. I appeared in Surrey Life magazine twice, which has a circulation of 50,000 and sang at a fundraiser attended by Dame Jacqueline Wilson and PR guru Max Clifford.

All this on top of school runs, dinners, breakfasts and lunches, cuddles and stories, songs and relationship advice, remembering mufti days and dress-ups, school photos, sports days, helping out in the classroom, taxi-ing a teenager from school, airport, friends’ parties and days out, loving a crazy man and buying some really fantastic shoes.

What did you get up to this year?

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One Response to My Year

  1. Dave says:

    Pretty much the same as you really… 😉

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