What a month…

Over a month since I last posted… such a lot’s been going on I guess. Today’s Keiran’s 7th birthday, the kids and my mum are watching The Aristocats and their dad is upstairs with the eldest, talking I suppose. I’m very glad my ex and I have such a good relationship.

Last week Guildford Harmony sang at Holy Trinity Guildford at a fundraiser for Shooting Star Chase, a charity for children with life-limiting conditions and earlier in the month we had our own Christmas concert. The former was a privilege and the latter was particularly rewarding because lots of people commented on how much we’ve improved. Now we sound like a cohesive unit and our hard work over the past year has really been rewarded.

Guildford Speakers Club

Guildford Speakers Club

Guildford Harmony Surrey Life

Guildford Harmony

I forgot to mention that Guildford Speakers was featured in Surrey Life magazine’s September issue, and Guildford Harmony was in December’s issue, so I’m a bit of a media floozy *lol*

Next week is Christmas and Naomi’s 4th birthday. Last week she did a major face-plant in the school playground and like a good mother I took photos…

Naomi aka Angelina Jolie...

I won the raffle!

Last week I attended the BBC Sussex and BBC Surrey Local Heroesawards. It was an inspiring evening, featuring the stories of some amazing people doing awesome things for their communities. I met someone who runs a fishing club for kids with learning and behavioural problems and they’re really making a difference. I spoke to a lady who’s fostered 500 children over the past 45 years, another lady who’s raised thousands for breast cancer after losing her daughter and a man who’s raised millions for prostate cancer research. Kinda makes me wonder what on earth I’m doing with my life. Quite apart from the privilege of meeting those people, I won the raffle – a fabulous Christmas hamper from Priory Farm. It was quite funny because when they asked us to get out our raffle tickets I said to Doug that I’d never won a thing so I wouldn’t hold my breath, and literally 10 seconds later they announced my ticket number! The next day, Naomi won the raffle at her preschool so clearly fate was feeling tempted and she delivered 🙂

Keiran's 7th Birthday

Tomorrow I’m attending a BBC Sussex and BBC Surrey 100 Lives event at Wakefield House and I’m so glad the producer, Jenny Day, asked me to write a toast to the 100 Lifers. I think I’ve written something short yet effective, and I’m quite proud of it. I’ve got a speech at Farnham Speakers in the evening and I’m thrilled that mum is here to see it all.

I’m not enjoying the cold one little bit, but life in Surrey, UK is pretty great at the moment…

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