Friday Heaven on Earth

I’m in he mood for appreciation, so I hope you can bare a bit of slushiness today.

I am a Dan Rockwell convert. I love his work on Leadership, he does a great blog with short daily posts that frequently impact me in a big way. If I serve my clubs in even a half decent fashion, I owe it in large part to the information he offers. I have never felt comfortable with the idea of being a leader. I had a clue about the sorts of people who were definitely not leaders (most politicians I can think of, one or two bosses I’ve had..) and I have been lucky to have one or two supportive line managers. I never thought of myself a leader though, because I always thought about what I didn’t like in leaders, rather than what I admired. Dan’s posts frequently nail the qualities I admire in leaders and paint them clearly so I can emulate them. I’m really pleased that I already exhibit many of the qualities of a good leader, I’m working on the rest. So mega-appreciation to Dan Rockwell.

I’m getting to know a lovely woman called Chloe through my son, Master 6. She’s been on her own since her son was 10 months old and was so encouraging to me today. She told me about the benefits I am now eligable for as a single parent. I’m not proud about applying for benefits, I just thought I wouldn’t need to, and there are always people so much worse off than me. I also haven’t thought of myself as a single parent, because my ex is incredibly supportive and I have a wonderful partner too. I’m far from alone, but sometimes I do feel it. I worry about the rent being paid every month, I need to buy the kids clothes and shoes for school and it weighs on me. I mega-appreciate that I may be making a fantastic new friend.

My last item for appreciation is a bit more light-hearted. This evening I have no kids (they’re at their dad’s) and no man (he’s out with his mates). I do have some Crabbies (alcoholic ginger beer, my favourite) and a box of hair dye. Heaven!

Wishing you abundance xx

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