Normal Service Resumes

I was all set to transfer my new habit to my Ladytoastmaster blog until disaster struck.

Well, it wasn’t really disaster. Disaster is a massive earthquake in a major city that kills 181 people and is followed by thousands of aftershocks. Disaster is a hurricane that decimates the poorest parts of a city. Disaster is a nuclear emergency that forces thousands from their homes. Mine was more of an inconvenience.

The pilot light went out on the boiler. And I couldn’t light it. Not for love or money. Eventually I got in touch with the landlord who suggested I plug in the immersion heater. Doh. Well, short-term problem solved anyway. I heated enough water to give the kids a bath and went out to a committee meeting for Guildford Harmony. We had a brilliant meeting, I went home. It was all dark, I thought everyone was asleep, but no…

The kids had scooped out scooped the bathwater onto the floor and it had gushed down the light fitting in the dining room and shorted out the lights. I then made the mistake of trying to reset the fuses and the whole house shorted out. It was a very quiet night.

Now I’m looking for my groove again. Funny how it takes so long to get into a habit and only a moment to get out of it. Shame that doesn’t apply to things that are bad for you!

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