Miracles Do Happen…

A new month, time for a new 30-day challenge and already I have discovered that miracles really do happen. Sometimes they are big and flashy, sometimes they’re just so small only you can see them. I think today’s miracle falls into the latter category.

The pilot light on my boiler went out over the weekend and I can’t get it to relight. The landlord suggested I plug in the immersion heater, so at least I will have hot water. It’s expensive and a stop-gap until he can come over and see what’s wrong with the boiler pilot light. It worked, until the kids shorted out every electrical circuit in the house by scooping the bathwater out onto the floor. The water gushed down the light fitting in the living room and that was that. Last night I switched off the mains and read by candlelight. This morning I reset the fuses, all except the downstairs lights, which I will leave for a couple of weeks to dry out.

The kids have been banned from using any electrical item for the whole day. No DVDs, no computer games, no PSP, nothing that has to be plugged in. Now, every parent knows that computers and television are a saviour of sanity, especially during the summer holidays. It is  with careful consideration that any parent would consider withdrawing them as a form of punishment, because more often than not the parent suffers more than the children! However, Master 6 and Miss 3, having been shown the waterfall in the living room, understand that what they did was very wrong. They have spent time drawing, singing, playing with cars, fighting over chairs, dressing gown belts and racing car tracks. Right now they’re in the hallway. Master 6 is singing “You Really Got Me” by The Kinks (he heard it on The Magic Roundabout movie yesterday) and Miss 3 is drawing and occasionally singing along.

The miracle is that I’m still sane! Admittedly it’s only just gone midday, but it’s looking good so far. Maybe I’ll do some cooking with them in the afternoon…

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2 Responses to Miracles Do Happen…

  1. Catherine says:

    seeming as I am miss 13 and I had nothing to do with it, can still use my laptop… 😀

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