What perfume are you?

I love going to the mechanics, because the smell of engine oil reminds me of my grandfather. My nanna grew mint, strawberries and parsley in her garden and those fragrances always remind me of her. I have a very happy memory of sharing an apple with my dad, so the smell of red apples always makes me think of him, and pine makes me think of my mum, weirdly because I remember buying a pine bed as a child and absolutely loving it.

How can I be certain what I’m writing serves my audience? How can I be sure I’m writing something valuable? The simple answer is I will never know. I often think I’ve done a terrible job as a teacher. Yesterday was my last day at school and I had so many students say they didn’t want me to leave, they thought I was the best teacher. You can never be sure of the effect you have on others. The only think you can do is be a good perfume – leave a pleasant fragrance that brings to mind a happy memory.

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