Last Day, First Day

Today is the last day of my job. I still get paid until the end of August, but the goodbyes have been said and the promises to stay in touch made. I’ve really loved the time I spent at school. It was difficult and stressful, but there were lots of laughs and crazy things, as happens when you work with a bunch of teenagers. There are some characters I’m glad to see the back of, some I worry about, but most will be just fine. I hope they will think well of me, I hope they think I was a bit mad but I made them feel good. I forgot to set and mark homework, but I loved talking to them about life (when I was sure they were on task first, of courses).

I’m sad that I didn’t fulfil all the goals I had when I first started at the school, but as I finish I find I have discovered a new passion for teaching that has taken me in a different direction. I’m more keen now to start the speech, language and communication skills classes with SmartTalkers, and possibly TinyTalk as well. I see tutoring and supply work as an opportunity for me to save money towards setting up one or both of these opportunities. I still want to keep the toastmastering thing going, that is a huge amount of fun, but I’m starting to think my heart lies with the littlies. I suspect this next year is going to bring quite a bit of change, hopefully the difficulties I’ve experienced over the past year will give me strength and confidence to move through those changes to something bright and exciting!

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2 Responses to Last Day, First Day

  1. Libby Hill says:

    We’d love to have you and your skills!!

  2. Vanessa King says:

    Great, I’ll be in touch 🙂

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