Help, I’m comfort eating!

Driving home from chorus tonight I could feel the darkness welling up inside me. I had sung well at the start of the evening but when it came time to record I just made so many mistakes I didn’t get through either of the songs and get a full recording. The harder I tried teh more mistakes I made. It was particularly frustrating because I knew the reason for the mistakes was just tiredness and lack of confidence, but every time I made a mistake the confidence evaporated further.

Then the restful red chip shop sign shimmered into view as I drove. Part of my brain knew the only reason I was hungry was because I was feeling badly about what happened tonight. For the first time, I was aware that I’ve been comfort eating. Awareness had no influence, sadly and I bought my favourite (small) serve of mayonnaise and chips.

I’m not happy about the weight I’m stacking on, until tonight I have been telling myself I don’t care about it, I know how to get it off, there’s been so much stress in my life it’s crazy for me to find one more thing to beat myself up about.

Excuses really. I know I’ll feel better about myself when I lose the weight so I’d better get onto it.

I splurged and bought some hair colour today, inspired by Miss 13. I feel much better now the greys are gone and the rubbish colour at the ends is no more. Now I’m just waiting for someone to notice *lol*

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2 Responses to Help, I’m comfort eating!

  1. *hugs*

    It is a real shame that our bodies couldn’t just come right out and point these things out to us. Like “Hey that is the second time this week you have craved brownies. You know what – you are depressed. Stop it.”

    Comfort eating is probably one of the hardest things to stop. It is a generational thing.
    Food = love. That is why it is always good to find someone who can cook. lol

  2. Vanessa King says:

    Hm. It’s very bad if you’re the one who can cook *lol* I’m okay, it’s just going to be another battle, I can do that! Thanks for commenting *hugs back*

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