I’m going to be a bit lazy with my blog today and just tell you about my day. I’m going to assume that my audience wants to know about it (one of my top tips from yesterday) and I’m going to start by telling you that today has been quite a good day.

Well, unless you count my Year 7 class. See, there I go with the negatives, I can see this focussing on the positive lark is going to take some practice. Actually, I do enjoy my year 7s, and I love my year 8s, but I am glad I’m not teaching next year. I’m really getting into the tutoring, I now have four students ranging in age from 8 to 14. It’s challenging and interesting to prepare and teach lessons for such a range of ages and stages. I find I’m calling on many different skills and dredging up ancient knowledge (I’m thinking of inequalities at the moment *lol*). The aspect I relish the most is the opportunity to build special relationships.

I got a phone call from an agency yesterday looking for a full time teacher of A-level biology, paid at supply rates. The school is a bit far away and I might not take it up, but I’m encouraged by it, because it means the work is definitely there for me. The uncertainty doesn’t suit my personality at all, but I’m prepared to put up with it if it means things improve in the longer term.

I have taken the important step of getting some real help with my debt management, instead of burying my head in the sand about it. As I think I might have mentioned before, I tend to spiral into depression whenever money comes up but I think I’m getting better. I still find shopping stressful, but I’m starting to tackle the important things and finding that things aren’t great but they’re not as bad as it could be.

I watched Wall-e with the kiddies this evening, so they’re a bit late to bed, but it gave me such a lot of joy to hear them talking to each other about the movie and listening to their funny comments (best one: where’s Wall-e?)

I can hear them in the bath now. Thankfully one Miss 3 has got out and sat on the toilet in time… it’s such a pain when she doesn’t quite make it *lol*

And on that happy note of contented motherhood, I close today’s entry.

PS I’ve noticed that blogging regularly has increased the number of pages views. Loving it!

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