Top Tips for Social Media

A mum at school stopped me today to say she’d finally got around to checking out my blog and thought it was good because she needed encouragement about getting back to work herself. I was pleased, but a bit surprised as well, because I couldn’t see how my blog would help her with that. I guess it goes to show you never know what people will get out of whatever you choose to share on a blog. I think if you write from your heart, whatever you write will touch the hearts of others.

Thinking of that mum, here are some tips for using social media I put together, because social media is my lynchpin for getting to where I really want to be. I haven’t been sure where that is, exactly, but interacting on social media, especially Twitter and blogging, has helped me consolidate my vision. I’m nowhere near there yet, but the journey is becoming more enjoyable.

My five tips are:

1. Spend a little time everyday. The 30-day blog challenge has been very powerful for me, and it just takes a little discipline to make sure I do it every day. If I’m short of inspiration, I just sit on Twitter for a while, something interesting always pops up.

2. Keep your content interesting. A little rule from public speaking I have applied to my blog is to try to write with my audience in mind, not just write about what I want to say. What does your audience need from you?

3. Share yourself. You’re not just trying to sell something, you might be but it’s not the only thing you’re doing. You’re showing people why you’re the best person to provide the advice your audience is looking for. The best way to do that is to show you’re a real person, not a marketing company.

4. Ask people for their opinion. Encourage people to comment by asking directly for it in your post. Feedback is the best way to improve.

5. Interact, interact, interact. There’s no point in asking for feedback if you don’t do anything with it, so at minimum you should thank your reader for their input. A blog in its best form is a conversation not a soapbox. Additionally, remember it’s not all about you. Interact with other people’s blogs and twitter feeds and you will be amazed at where you go.

I hope this is of some help to you, please let me know what you think!

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2 Responses to Top Tips for Social Media

  1. Kas Sommers says:

    I think you are spot on when you ask for feedback. There may be many people reading your blog, but if they don’t “like” it or leave a comment, then no one knows.

    I encourage you to read my daughter’s blog here, The Solipsistic Socialite, and leave a comment or a “like” there too.

    In fact, I’d better sign up to wordpress myself because it won’t let me “like” anything at the minute.

  2. Vanessa King says:

    Thanks Kas, I’ve had a quick look, what an astute woman she is! I can see I’ll be sharing a lot of her work. And thanks for the comment x

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