Fear and Talking Smart

I’m thinking about the whole Smart Talkers thing again. I was talking about it with some mums at a party on Sunday and one, whose daughter is undergoing speech therapy, said there would be a huge demand for such a group. I will talk to the preschool tomorrow and see whether they would be interested in having workshops run during sessions. If there’s a demand I can see it working. I’m still scared though and as often seems to happen a timely blog post reached my inbox today.

It’s called Waiting for the Fear to Subside. I thought it would be quite a short post. Something along the lines of ‘it never will so get on with it. The actual post is a bit longer but it basically says the same thing. I’m not worried about someone getting there before me, I’m not sure fear can help me do it better. I have blogged before about being paralysed by fear. I think I’m getting better, but only a bit. I’m no longer paralysed but I feel like I’m walking hip deep in molasses. I’m sucked down, every step is a huge effort. I want to take the fear by the horns but, and this surely must be the definition of irony, I’m afraid to.

There’s a business opportunity for me. I’ve said I can’t do it because I don’t have the money and someone’s offered to cover the initial cost. All I have to do is pick up the phone.

It’s looking very white and intimidating. Not as bad as the big black photocopier in the staffroom though…

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