A Challenge

My dear friend, the indomitable Nicky Kriel, shared a video on her blog yesterdayand I’ve pinched it for my entry today, because reading her article inspired me to try this 31 day blogging challenge. I decided to try it before I watched the talk, and after watching it I think I might have to make watching the talk every day for 30 days my next challenge, although it won’t be a tough ask!

The aspect that really struck me was how much richer the presenter’s life seems to be as a result of attempting many challenges. For example, lots of people dream of writing a book. He actually did it in 30 days. It’s not necessarily a New York Times best-seller, but that doesn’t matter, he’s made a dream come true. I would like to write a book, but always thought it would take too much time. However, if you commit to writing 1500 words (I think) per day, you’ll reach your goal. Break the task into smaller bites and it becomes much more achievable.

I notice something is starting to happen with me. Having the blog to write makes me go looking for material. I’m not just looking to offload the stuff that gets me down (although I might still do that), I’m reading material that piques my interest, that gets the blood pumping, that makes me think, or sit up and take notice. I’ve got a draft post with a load of topics ready to go. I’m also finding that each day I have a goal. It’s only bite-size but it’s something to aim for.

The darkness takes hold of me when I don’t know what to do next, when all doors seem closed and any choice leads further into the darkness. Having something small to focus on each day makes me look around and see so much further. Is that what being inspired feels like? Watch this talk, I would love to know if it’s inspired you to challenge yourself, and if so, what are you doing?

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