I realised that yesterday’s post was a list of all the things that I don’t have. I thought today I would write a little list of what I do have. It won’t take away the things I worry about, but it might be a bit nicer for my reader. Blogs can be cathartic, but I forgot yesterday that I have to think about my audience. When I write a speech I think about what my audience needs or wants to hear, and a blog should be no different. So, my apologies, dear reader.

It’s a beautiful day today, sunny and warm, a bit cloudy. My partner has gone to the supermarket, which is great because I sincerely hate going to Morrisons. He’s managed to get all the food we’ll need for nearly the next week with money left over for fuel. There’s nothing spare but at least the basics are covered.

The kids are watching ‘A Bug’s Life,’ there’s great music on the radio.

I got two tutoring jobs yesterday, primary school maths and year 9 maths and science.

My partner will be home soon and I’m going to make bacon and eggs with mushrooms, tomatoes and baked beans. I’m really looking forward to a cup of coffee! I’ve got some housework to do, but that’s good because I like having a clean house. Catherine is upstairs and happy, hopefully she’ll be able to arrange some outings with her friends. I can’t drive her anywhere, but she can arrange to be picked up, I’m sure.

Right, Doug’s home, timee for breakfast *YUM*

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