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Lesson Planning Time

I should be figuring out what I’m going to do in my lessons tomorrow but I’m feeling distinctly lacking in inspiration. I love the kids, I’m just trying to work out how best to help them. I have Jack, the … Continue reading

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Easy, Do-able, Impossible

Why, sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast I’d thought this was a Douglas Adams quote until I Googled it and found a whole discussion on it from 1999 (yes, they had computers back then). I’m … Continue reading

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Ya Gotta Know

Thursday night means two things – Torchwood and Guildford Harmony, and I’m hard-pressed to say which I love most. It’s just as well there’s the iplayer, otherwise I’d be in trouble! Torchwood has really gripped me from the beginning. I … Continue reading

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More than Jam and Jerusalem

Tonight I watched a BBC 4 documentary about the Women’s Institute. I started watching because I thought it might be an historical program. After all, the WI is really a club for the blue rinse brigade, isn’t it? In Australia … Continue reading

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Silent Sunday

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What perfume are you?

I love going to the mechanics, because the smell of engine oil reminds me of my grandfather. My nanna grew mint, strawberries and parsley in her garden and those fragrances always remind me of her. I have a very happy … Continue reading

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Last Day, First Day

Today is the last day of my job. I still get paid until the end of August, but the goodbyes have been said and the promises to stay in touch made. I’ve really loved the time I spent at school. … Continue reading

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Help, I’m comfort eating!

Driving home from chorus tonight I could feel the darkness welling up inside me. I had sung well at the start of the evening but when it came time to record I just made so many mistakes I didn’t get … Continue reading

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I’m going to be a bit lazy with my blog today and just tell you about my day. I’m going to assume that my audience wants to know about it (one of my top tips from yesterday) and I’m going … Continue reading

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Top Tips for Social Media

A mum at school stopped me today to say she’d finally got around to checking out my blog and thought it was good because she needed encouragement about getting back to work herself. I was pleased, but a bit surprised … Continue reading

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