Hot day, hot bedroom, cranky kids!

Okay, I know all my lovely English friends are suffering in the heat today. Me, I’m loving it! My idea of perfect weather is 25-28 degrees, blue sky and sunshine. I spent the afternoon drying my washing and reading a great book (more on that in another post further down the line) but I do finally understand that today’s weather, in Surrey at least, has been what most would call a scorcher *stifles a giggle*

But really, instead of laughing at you all suffering in the heat I thought I would do something constructive for a change and offer you a really easy tip for cooling down your bedrooms tonight. English homes are expressly designed to keep the heat in, and with windows that hardly open that turns our bedtrooms into hotboxes so, here’s a simple way to get a free air conditioner in every room. Wash your towels. Yes. You heard me. Wash your towels or bedsheets and hang them up in front of your windows. Open the windows and whatever slight breeze there may be will evaporate the water from the towels, taking the heat from the air with it. Water has the capacity to absorb a lot of heat, so instead of the heat making your kids cranky and sleepless, get the towels to do the job for you!

I bet Douglas Adams, genius man that he was, didn’t think your towel could be your air conditioner as well as the essential item for interstellar travel.

Sleep well everyone, and LOVE the hot weather!

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