16 Enlightening Communication Principles (via Leadership Freak)

This post from the Leadership Post seems very timely for me, coming into my inbox as it did on the very night I took over as president of Guildford Speakers Club. Being a speaker, teacher, mother and toastmaster I’m only too aware of the power of my words. I’m constantly watching the way I say things. I repeat sentences to ensure my instructions are understood. I use short declaritive statements when I want to be emphatic. I vary the tone of my voice frequently, especially while teaching, as learners rarely listen to the actual words you say but they do respond to the tone in which you say it.

So, no matter what you’re doing in your life, if you speak while doing it you will find this article timely, thought-provoking and possibly challenging. Enjoy!

16 Enlightening Communication Principles Image source I’m intentional with 20% of my words; the rest is vain babbling. I've never left a meeting wishing I spoke more. I have, on the other hand, continued speaking after running out of  things to say. Words, on the good side, influence and transform. They are the cheapest yet most powerful tool available to all leaders. Words lift or push down, enlighten or confuse, energize or de-motivate, and create or destroy. The Power of Words: Flatt … Read More

via Leadership Freak

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2 Responses to 16 Enlightening Communication Principles (via Leadership Freak)

  1. Dan Rockwell says:

    I’m honored by your repost of this article. Best to you. Dan

    • Vanessa King says:

      My pleasure, Dan. It was just such a timely post, and it really spoke to me today, thank you for sharing!

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