Reflections on Leadership

It’s been a rather tumultous weekend as far as my chorus goes. I’ve got someone on the edge of stepping down from a sub-committee because she doesn’t agree with the decisions of the management committee and as I’m the chairman that makes me responsible.

Coincidentally, I’ve been reading a few blogs on leadership and have found them encouraging and informative. Encouraging, because they list things like four important leadership characteristics – initiative, caring, willing to do the hard, unpopular and/or the right thing, and about being influential. I don’t claim to have all of these in equal or overflowing measure, but I do think some of these traits characterise my style. I am definitely caring and I am learning to do the hard thing, even if it isn’t the most popular thing. I’m learning that it’s very important to listen to everyone then make a decision and stick to it. Not everyone will agree with that decision, but it’s important to stick to your decision. If you’ve made the choice taking all opinions and evidence into account then you can be fairly sure your choice is the right one. In any case, a leader who changes her mind when someone complains isn’t really a leader, I think. Change is hard for everyone, even more so when you don’t have a steady hand on the wheel, someone you can look to as a steadying influence. I think that philosophy applies to motherhood and teaching and definitely to leadership. I don’t know whether I’m influential. I suppose I am, since I make decisions that affect lots of people, I think time will have to tell on this one.

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