Madam Chairman?

The title of my blog suggests I’m a singer, and as I haven’t really spoken that much about that part of my life, and as I soooo need to write an article for my chorus newsletter, I thought I would kill two birds with one stone and write something here that I could use there!

I’m astonished and somewhat embarassed to discover it’s June, I’m six
months into my first year as chairman of Guildford Harmony and I’ve
never written an article for Take Note! It’s been a huge learning
curve for me. LABBS I could understand, but BABS? Isn’t that a
nickname for Barbie? Costumes? Insurance? Risers? Members? Oh my! It’s
been a really busy time for me and I know I’ve missed doing some
things, for which I hope you will forgive me. I’m so glad you held the
Learn to Sing course last year, I’m grateful you welcomed me and the
other new ladies so warmly and I’m proud to be able to serve you all in my capacity of chairman. I’ve learned a lot about the importance of

delegation, I’ve learned that there are plenty of people willing to
help out but sometimes they need to be asked. I’m still trying to
figure out how to keep track of everything, there’s such a lot to

learn, and I’m deeply grateful to my wonderful management team who
have been unfailingly supportive of me. I’m enjoying developing my

leadership skills, serving the chorus and having a great time singing
with all you lovely ladies.

We’ve seen a huge amount of change over the last few months. We’ve
seen a number of members leave us for many different reasons, some
personal, some work-related. Many of these ladies have been
long-standing members of Guildford Harmony and have made a significant

contribution to the chorus in the many roles they have fulfilled over
the years. We’ve said goodbye to Trica Green, Judith Leach, Anne
Wilkinson, Jacqui Edwards, Susanne Moles, Monique Sipin, Debbie

Greenhill, Michelle Rainbow, Marian Homar, Cathy Rich and most
recently Maureen Hallett. These ladies have lugged risers, organised

the tea rota, fundraised in various ways, they’ve been our chairman,

secretary, LABBS reps, section leaders, mentors, friends and many,

many other important roles. We are grateful for the contrubution

they’ve made to Guildford Harmony and wish them well, we know we’re
going to miss them. Hopefully we’ll still see them from time to time

as we head toward Convention.

As we say a heartfelt farewell to these ladies, we welcome a new
member, Kathy, to our lead section. Doubtless as our reputation grows
other talented ladies will seek to join our ranks. However, they will
have to meet our high standands, instigated by our MD, Andrew, and
facilitated by the hard work of our section leaders. We have all been
hard at work learning new songs, recording and re-recording our
performances, putting into practice the techniques offered to us by
visiting coaches. All these efforts have been rewarded with our

fantastic place at Prelims in April.

The Wardrobe Team have been hard at work sourcing a new formal costume
for us to wear at Convention. I am sure you will love the options they
have come up with for us, it’s certainly exciting to be planning for
Convention. The chorus has new buzz and a fresh confidence that will
carry us to Convention and beyond, to our Christmas concert and a
summer event we are hoping to arrange for next year.

We’ve got such a lot to look forward to, and I know it’s going to be
lots of fun!

Yours in Harmony,
Vanessa x

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