Why I love being a mum

My kids are fantastic. I have a daughter, Catherine, who is 13. She is tall and beautiful and I can say without conceit that she has the best features of her father and me. She has the most amazing brown eyes and thick, straight dark blonde hair. It has given me huge pleasure to see her develop from a self-concious girl to a confident young lady investigating modelling opportunities. As well as being physically beautiful, she has the most loving character. I haven’t told her I have been struggling with depression, but she wrote me an honest, heartfelt note essentially saying she knows I’ve been down and offering me encouragement and helpful advice. That took great courage and overflowing love and although I haven’t talked to her about it, she knows I’ve read it and she knows how much I love her because of it.

My middle son, Keiran, is 6 and a computer freak. He loves playing plants versus Zombies at the moment, so much so that I’ve had to introduce parental controls on the computer to limit the time he spends on it. He doesn’t argue about it and spends quality time playing with his sister. He’s very good at maths and reading, and these holidays he has discovered a love of golf. He seems to have a natural talent and when we have a little more money I would like to get him proper lessons. He is also a very loving person, and the sun fills the room with his laughter.

Naomi is the youngest at 3, a gem and a treasure and thank goodness there’s only one of her! She is a dynamo with gorgeous eyes and hair like her big sister. She adores Keiran and loves her food. She and Keiran enjoy watching televsion together and recently we all watched an episode of Inside the Human Body together, about conception and birth. The kids were fascinated and I’ve had repeated requests to watch the birth scenes again. Keiran’s response to the birth of triplets by c-section was quite funny – a head cocked to one side and a puzzled comment “that’s not right!” I wonder if he mean the c-section or having triplets.. As for Naomi, she came home from school today holding a small piece of greenish play-dough in the shape of a water droplet. Upon asking her what it was, she said it was a perm, for when the baby is born. Translation: she’d made a sperm from play-dough!

Catherine’s at school now, Keiran’s watching a Plants vs Zombies video on YouTube with a cracking song for background music and Naomi’s fallen asleep on the couch. I haven’t earned any money today, but I can be happy about this 🙂

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