Today is a better day

There’s a video being shared by some of my facebook friends. It’s a series of stories from students at Yale Theological College. The difference is the students are all gay or bisexual and they’re talking about their experiences with coming out in the church. As you can probably imagine, those experiences weren’t good, but there they are, studying theology, training to become priests, ministers, missionaries. They know it does get better. I know it gets better, intellectually, but emotional realisation is another thing.

Last night at Guildford Speakers I was Topicsmaster. That means I choose some topics for members to speak on without any notice. It’s practice in impromptu speaking. Some people find it exciting, most people feel a bit fearful but give it a go. I’m always impressed with the standard of speakers at Guildford and last night was no different. I gave speakers a seed to speak about, for example:

Sometimes life has a way of moving you past wants and hopes (a quote from Tron: Legacy)

Women, well, all individuals, have to do their thing. No-one stops you from doing stuff  except yourself (a quote from musician Chrissie Hynde)

Hope isn’t rational. So why are humans wired for it? (a headline from this week’s Time magazine)

You’re messing with my zen thing, man (another quote from Tron:Legacy. That is such a cool movie)

I chose these and a number of other quotes and bits of poetry because they meant something to me and I was curious to see what other people would make of them. What do you make of them? Any and all comments welcome.

Today is a better day.

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