Cry Baby Moon

I’m giving a speech at Guildford Speakers next week, first one in ages so I’m looking forward to it. The project is called the Moral of the Story and the objective is to present a story with a moral (the hint is in the title *lol*). I discovered a book by a Maori author and thought I would present it for my speech. It’s a great story, about the moon who is sad because she can’t see her reflection in the sea. Well-meaning friends Cloud, Thunder and Lightning suggest the reason she can’t see herself is because something is wrong with her, and despite making changes she still can’t see herself. Finally Rainbow tells her she is perfect as she is, it’s the sea who needs to be still if she is to see herself. It’s written by Katerina Mataira and Terewai Kemp and illustrated by Hōne Ihi-o-te-rangi Ngata. Here’s a link to the book that allows you to read it online. I like that it’s a modern Maori story, gently told and a really kind message. I think the message is that we are all beautiful as we are. Or maybe the message is that we don’t need to change ourselves in order to love ourselves. Sometimes the world must change if it is to see what it is missing…

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