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Anybody Home?

People keep asking me if I’m settled in my new house yet. I guess they’re just being politely interested but the question always makes me feel sad. I my usual answer is “I guess so..” It’s hard to feel settled … Continue reading

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Hot day, hot bedroom, cranky kids!

Okay, I know all my lovely English friends are suffering in the heat today. Me, I’m loving it! My idea of perfect weather is 25-28 degrees, blue sky and sunshine. I spent the afternoon drying my washing and reading a … Continue reading

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16 Enlightening Communication Principles (via Leadership Freak)

This post from the Leadership Post seems very timely for me, coming into my inbox as it did on the very night I took over as president of Guildford Speakers Club. Being a speaker, teacher, mother and toastmaster I’m only … Continue reading

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Reflections on Leadership

It’s been a rather tumultous weekend as far as my chorus goes. I’ve got someone on the edge of stepping down from a sub-committee because she doesn’t agree with the decisions of the management committee and as I’m the chairman … Continue reading

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Lots going on today!

It’s Sunday and it’s been a pretty good one so far. Kids woke me up too early, as usual, but as I drowsed in bed the sounds of Michael Jackson’s Thriller filtered up the stairs, accompanied by Keiran and Naomi … Continue reading

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Madam Chairman?

The title of my blog suggests I’m a singer, and as I haven’t really spoken that much about that part of my life, and as I soooo need to write an article for my chorus newsletter, I thought I would … Continue reading

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Apple Cake Recipe

By popular demand, I give you my apple cake recipe. My good and dear friend Amanda gave me this recipe, it’s fantastic served with creme fraiche hot or cold and best stored out of reach of children 😉 3 apples … Continue reading

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Why I love being a mum

My kids are fantastic. I have a daughter, Catherine, who is 13. She is tall and beautiful and I can say without conceit that she has the best features of her father and me. She has the most amazing brown … Continue reading

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Okay, now this is just weird…

Having just spent ages trying to add Twitter buttons etc to my Lady Toastmaster blog, I notice that exactly the buttons I’m looking for are at the bottom of this blog entry, but do you think I can figure out … Continue reading

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Getting better all the time

Well, I’ve been on anti-depressants for about 3 weeks now and I think the effects are starting to take hold. That’s a good thing, by thing way. I still get episodes of being *way* down, like when I posted last … Continue reading

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