How things change

The last few days have been pretty amazing for me. I joined Mumpreneurs, a network group for mums running businesses and managing families. It was a sort of last resort thing. I knew I had to do something, I had no idea what. I felt incapable, uncertain and at a loss. I’ve been off work this week because my children are sick and have been losing pay (I get sick pay if I’m sick, but not if my children are) and the whole thing has just been a real incentive to look at alternative income streams. So with very little hope, but wanting to be able to say I really tried, I started looking. At first, nothing came up. Surveys were dull (although I registered anyway), monetising my blog wasn’t possible (not much of an audience!), I looked into People per Hour and many others. I read the discussion boards, people’s blogs and kept digging.

Today, things are a bit different. I’ve still not earned anything, don’t know when I will, but there are now four possibilities where there were none a few days ago. I’m looking into My Secret Kitchen, although that might be something for later. I’m very excited about running a preschool group aimed at improving language and communication skills. I’ve registered to be an agent for a wedding stationery business and I’m seriously considering putting together a quartet to sing at weddings. I’ve already got one person who’s interested in doing it with me. So I’m still nowhere with the earning £20 per month challenge, but it has spurred me on to find longer term sources of income. Which is what it’s all about I guess!

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2 Responses to How things change

  1. Leanne says:

    Congratulations! Nice to see that things can change quickly and so positively. 😀

    • Vanessa King says:

      Thanks Leanne. There’s still a big part of me that doesn’t dare to hope yet, but I can still try in spite of that feeling. Spoke to the wedding stationery company today, it all sounds good!

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